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The police do so much for local cities / government and it often gets overlooked. With the proper advertising campaign in place and the right law enforcement promotional items you can ramp up the image of this important sector of the government. Choose from our police promo products to get the ball rolling on your promo campaign.

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Buy Customized Police Advertising Items

Busy fighting crime and drug use every day, the police have their hands too full to worry about things such as promoting why they are the “good guys”. Running a proper advertising campaign and using promotional products in places such as schools, dinners and public events can really get the point across. We have all seen the classic police stickers and handouts, but what we suggest here is to get even more creative. What custom item can you use to really set your police department apart as unique.

At local fairs the police can set up a booth to spread awareness about key issues that are going on in the city. Using promotional giveaways such as key chains, sweatbands, creative bumper stickers and more at these types of events will drive a sense of team work with the citizens and police. Using promotional materials at these events can also be an excellent way to drive recruitment, as it will make the youth want to help the police. While local events can be a great way to spread awareness outside the department, there are also plenty of ways to spread the feeling within the government. Pass out promotional presents at government dinners where the police will be one of many sectors attending and get creative with it!

Ordering bulk police promotional items from us is super easy. That’s all you need to do is tell us your idea via the product page, and either order your product or put in a request to order. We will then send you the digital proof to approve to get things going quickly. As soon as we get a confirmation of the design we sent, we will begin production and deliver your final customized product. If you need help with ideas for your law enforcement promotional campaign, give us a call or fire up a chat! We love helping people with events ;)