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There are plenty of different types of wristbands available to customize. It comes down to two things really – Budget and Design. Luckily we have options for both and since we have worked with a variety of organizations – fundraisers, corporations, bands, small businesses, local communities and awareness projects – we can get you just the type of custom wristbands your need.

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Buy Customized Wristbands for your Next Event!

Will your Wristbands be a Giveaway or a Purchasable Item?

This is an important question because either the wristbands are for promotion or they are for sale. If the personalized wristband are for sale than you need to make sure that they are marked up properly for profit and show your logo exactly the way you want to represent your brand or cause.

However, if they these are giveaway wristbands than you need to match up the quantity with the amount of people at the event. A customized wristband is a powerful promotional product but if you are at an event with five thousand people and you only giveaway 100 bands, than you will not even put a dent in your awareness campaign.

Common Types of Wristbands to Customize & Their Use


These are the perfect nightclub / party wristbands. Tyvek wristbands can be personalized with your organizations logo and used for a single event or string of events. The main point of the wristbands is to grant access to an otherwise restricted area. One of the most common uses of these bands is to tell if someone is of age to drink. The bouncer will provide the wristbands to only those who are over the drinking age (or the other way around) which makes it easy for the bartender to know who to serve. These disposable wristbands are great for bars, fairs and much more.


If you are throwing a large event that is going to last a few days, Vinyl wristbands are your best option. This type of wristband, like Tyvek, is also disposable but is of higher quality. The person wearing these could have them on during the span of an entire conference and it would not bother them because they can take them off anytime they would like. A vinyl wristband can be taken on / off and sometimes even sized. If you have a high status even vinyl is a great way to go.


The most popular types of customized wristbands are silicone. This type of personalized wristband is of such high quality many of our customers re-sell them for fundraisers or just as part of their brand. If it’s a high caliber promotional event, silicone wristbands with your logo are the best option.Learn more about custom silicone wristbands

There are other types of wristbands, such as the kind that are great for sweat - we can cusotmize these as well! We continue to add personalized wristbands to this category.