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Our customized printed cups are among the most popular items of our entire selection. It’s not a shocker really because everyone needs something to hold their drink in! These promotional cups can be branded with your organizations logo to show off at your next event. Cups are perfect for movie theaters, parties, corporate events, offices and more. Choose from our selection of paper, plastic and more below.

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There are literally tons of places to use promotional cups with your logo. From smaller events to much larger events, having a custom container for drinking can be very useful when it comes to advertising. We have worked with many alcohol and beverage companies in the past on product launches and on-going product promotion. Handing out a custom cup to someone at an event goes far beyond what you would think at an alcohol promotions gathering. People will be taking pictures to text their friends and upload to social networks like facebook, twitter, instagram and more. Having one of our nice printed cups with your beverages logo on it, makes for an amazing addition to these photos and quantifies your advertising campaign to millions.

Have you been to the ball game lately? Some of our clients are representatives of athletic organizations and order custom cups from us for their food vendors within the stadium. You can run promotions on them whether you decide to go with paper or plastic, lid or no lid. A plastic cup can be a souvenir at most sports games that attendees will take home and re-use. Cups for athletic organizations can be a fun way to promote your team or upcoming events!

An outdoor concert is another event that is filled with excited fans that are usually very hot and ready for a drink. Using drinkware with a custom message is excellent for branding. You can either put something related to the venue or the actual performance depending on how many people will be in attendance.

Perhaps the most common way we see plastic and paper drink containers used is at a movie theater. If you pay attention closely at the movies next time you will see a special logo or ad on the cups or popcorn. This actually works very well for upselling refills, etc. Are you ready to get started on your printed cups? Give us a call or fire up a chat now to get started.