Custom Promotional Coasters

Custom coasters are a great promotional product for restaurants, bars, parties, weddings and more. The purpose of a promo beverage coaster is to protect the table while also showing off your brand. Coasters are available in both disposable and re-usable form depending on your preference and budget. Choose from our most popular styles below.

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Buy Custom Coasters Printed with your Logo

The number one place you will find a personalized coaster is at your favorite restaurant. The coasters are probably either branded with a popular beer or maybe even the restaurants logo. Aside from the promotional aspect, many cafes and food shops also use a coaster to protect the table. This is important because the condensation from cold drinks can wear down the wood over time.

Of course our amazing coasters are not limited to restaurants. Many clients order them for their nightclubs or bars. Heck, some even order for their own bars at home. It’s common for most bars to use coasters or if not a coaster a napkin to put the drink on. Both work excellent as a promotional advertising item. At a bar / restaurant you are likely to see cork or ceramic designed coasters, as opposed to less expensive disposable ones. That’s not to say the disposable ones aren’t popular because they definitely have their place at certain types of promotional events.

Coasters are very popular for wedding receptions and parties. They can be personalized and printed with your logo, phrase or idea to make the whole event feel more “at home” or “relevant”. Whether for corporate, small business or personal use a coaster is a best-selling promo product.

 Since we manufacture coasters, the process of ordering is very easy. Simply tell us your idea and upload your logo on your chosen product page. Before we send your order off into production you will receive a proof to confirm your design. This ensures quality and makes things more transparent because at the end of the day we want to make sure these coasters represents your brand perfectly. To get started on making your own coasters give us a call or send us a message through chat for fast responses and quick questions.