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Looking for branded business products for your next convention or event? You are in the right spot, check out our selection of company promotional items.
Put your logo on our custom awareness items and give them away at your next event or fundraiser. Choose from our wide variety of cause promotional giveaways.
Check out our wide variety of sports promotional merchandise and giveaways. These printed items perfect for handing out at the game or selling at your spirit shop.
Put your schools logo on a bunch of different items! Items for all types of schools and education organizations, including high school, college and more.
Unique promotional items are just the breath of fresh air your organizations branding effort needs. Choose from our wide variety of awesome out-of-the-box products.
These custom items are perfect for a health tradeshow, conference and also if you run a local practice. The promo items can be used as giveaways or gifts at your next event!
We have all kinds of great branding items for your bar such as napkins, matches, koozies and more. These promotional products are perfect for running promotions and special events!
Looking for promotional items for kids? We have plenty of toys that even their parents will love! Check out our unique selection of children promotional giveaways.
Toys are the most versatile promotional products you can buy because everyone loves them! Give these away at your event and prepare to see smiles all around!
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Customer Testimonials

RAD!!! Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome job on the wristbands! I love them!

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Chelsea Luedeke

RAD!!! Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome job on the wristbands! I love them!

Chelsea Luedeke

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The Wonderful World of Promotional Products

Do you need to Customize Products for your Company?

We originally started in the promotional products industry selling custom sweatbands to schools, businesses, bands and other organizations for advertising / merchandise purposes. What set us apart when we started and what continues to is the focus on the quality of our promo items. We have worked with various organization sizes throughout the years customizing products - from helping a small businesses develop promotional merchandise for their brand to working on a bulk wholesale order of a giveaway for a fortune 100 company’s new product launch event. We use various methods of logo application depending on your product – embroidered, woven label, printed and more. All of these methods are very high quality and really take into account the personalization of the specific product you are buying to represent your brand. Our product line now ranges from highly discounted and inexpensive items such as custom silicone wristbands and custom sports wristbands to more uniquely designed promotional items such as Koozies, balloons and more.

We make life very easy when it comes down to actually designing and ordering a product for your event. The process is very simple – You submit an order or inquiry about one of our products and attach your logo. From there we will work out the artwork details and send you a digital image proof which you will use as a quick representation of your customized product. This saves a lot of time if you have an event coming up quickly and need your advertising items on a deadline. After you approve this digital representation of your promo item we will then move to the production phase of the order. Since we have been a supplier in the promotional products industry for nearly 6 years, we understand the importance of getting things done quickly and efficiently.  This means peace of mind for you and your clients.

Aside from Custom On It, we also have a sister website which is pretty famous now for selling sweatbands in a variety of colors and options. This shop is more on the retail / sporting goods end of the spectrum but does have wholesale price breaks on a lot of products. If you are interested in these types of products visit Suddora to learn more. Our team is excited to begin working with you on your custom products, gifts or merchandise!